Bar All Bent

High intensity of use in winter

Many grasses do not survive winter. The quality of the games played drastically deteriorates and the greens actually become unplayable. Bar All Bent, on the contrary, does offer a high playing intensity in winter. It retains its colour relatively well and the playing quality is as high as in summer. It is not possible to keep the colour exactly the same as in summer, but another great advantage of

Bar All Bent is that it becomes green again very quickly after the winter. The STRI diagram shows that the optical quality of the various varieties contained in Bar All Bent is higher than that of average colonial bent grass. The greenness in winter is also evident in the other diagram, in which Bar All Bent scores a 6.8, whereas average colonial bent grass scores a 6.



Tolerates close mowing

Bar All Bent consists of 100% colonial bent grass. It comprises at least two different varieties that together ensure the good results. One of those good results is that Bar All Bent tolerates close mowing very well. It can be mown to around 3 to 4 mm.



Greens with high ball speeds

Because Bar All Bent can be mown so closely it creates attractive, smooth greens, allowing very high playing quality and high ball speeds. Ball speeds can be easily and accurately measured with the aid of a so-called Stimpmeter. The STRI diagram clearly shows that ball speeds on Bar All Bent greens are higher than those on average colonial bent grass.



Dense sward

The number-one requirement that any green must meet is a very dense sward. And that’s precisely what colonial bent grass creates with its rhizomes.  It’s such dense swards that ensure high ball speeds. The green will remain dense even when it is mown very closely. Greens seeded with Bar All Bent feel like the finest green baize. Research carried out by the STRI has also shown that the Bar All Bent grass plants have finer leaves than average colonial bent grass, as can be clearly seen in the diagram.



Agrostis capillaris (at least 2 varieties)
Speed of establishment
Fertiliser requirement
Speed of growth
Sowing rate:
6-8 gr/m²
Mowing height
from 3 mm
15 kg
Sowing depth
0.4 - 0.6 cm
Close mowing tolerance
Higher ball speeds
Higher wear tolerance in summer
Higher wear tolerance in winter
Higher resistance to diseases
Higher turf density
Year round green color
Higher salt tolerance
Fast establishment
Requires less pesticides
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less irrigation
Requires less mowing

At Barenbrug we have been breeding grasses for golf courses for more than half a century. So Barenbrug golf grass mixtures are well-developed and have conquered the market worldwide. To ensure that our new products are used in the best way possible, we work closely with greenkeepers and golf course...

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