Bar Duo Bent

High tolerance of use in summer and winter

Very few things can spoil a golf course more than an unattractive green that can’t be used all the year round. Bar Duo Bent, however, can stand hard wear and remains suitable for use even in winter. While many other grasses acquire an unappealing colour in winter, Bar Duo Bent remains green all the year round. So it has an excellent optical quality.


Tolerates very close mowing

Bar Duo Bent consists of 50% colonial bent and 50% creeping bent grass. It is highly resistant to close mowing, down to around 3 to 4 mm. This makes Bar Duo Bent a very suitable mixture for greens. The combination of colonial bent and creeping bent grass creates synergy, which means that the individual varieties contained in the mixture strengthen one another. And the outcome is that Bar Duo Bent tolerates close mowing very well.


Greens with high ball speeds

One of the requirements for high ball speeds and a high playing quality on greens is close mowing. Greenkeepers are fully aware of this and make every possible effort to ensure greens of excellent quality. A Stimpmeter can be used to easily and accurately measure the speed of balls on greens. Tests carried out with such a device have shown that ball speeds on Bar Duo Bent are extremely high.


Dense sward

A second requirement for good golfing on greens is a very dense sward. The grass must properly cover all areas of a green. With Bar Duo Bent, bare patches are a thing of the past. It results in a beautifully dense sward that feels like green baize. Colonial bent forms rhizomes, while creeping bent grass forms aboveground stolons. The combination of the two makes for a dense sward.


Less annual meadow grass

There’s always a risk of annual meadow grass. Once that grass has become established, it can no longer be stopped and may be disastrous for a green. However, Bar Duo Bent can compete with annual meadow grass. Annual meadow grass emerges very quickly, but so does Bar Duo Bent. This fast emergence followed by the quick formation of a very dense sward means that annual meadow grass has virtually no chance of becoming established.  


High disease resistance

There are no grasses that are totally resistant to diseases. Creeping bent grass is commonly known to be fairly susceptible to fungi diseases, like. However, Barenbrug has developed excellent varieties that are resistant to fungi diseases. And so even creeping bent grass can compete with the very best varieties.

Agrostis capillaris
Agrostis stolonifera
Speed of establishment
Fertiliser requirement
Speed of growth
Sowing rate
6 - 8 gr/m²
Mowing height
from 3 mm
15 kg
Sowing depth
0.4 - 0.6 cm
Close mowing tolerance
Higher ball speeds
Higher wear tolerance in summer
Higher wear tolerance in winter
Higher resistance to diseases
Higher turf density
Year round green color
Higher salt tolerance
Fast establishment
Requires less pesticides
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less irrigation
Requires less mowing

At Barenbrug we have been breeding grasses for golf courses for more than half a century. So Barenbrug golf grass mixtures are well-developed and have conquered the market worldwide. To ensure that our new products are used in the best way possible, we work closely with greenkeepers and golf course...

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