Bar Extreme RPR


Yellow Jacket Water Manager inside!

The world’s first Seed Enhancement Technology ensures precisely the right balance of moisture for both optimum germination and establishment. Yellow Jacket Water Manager was developed by Aquatrols in cooperation with Barenbrug. When it is irrigated, the substance used to enhance the seed is released into the soil, where it adheres to grains of sand, creating a Plant Survival Zone. Besides retaining water, this zone also regulates the amount of water around each seed, optimising the growing conditions to guarantee vital grass plants that will develop quickly.


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Extremely fast establishing grass

The high concentration of fine-leaved perennial ryegrass combined with RPR technology makes for a very fast establishing grass mix. The fine-leaved perennial ryegrass contained in Bar Extreme RPR grows many times faster than smooth meadow grass. The combination with RPR makes it as strong as iron.


Less annual meadow grass

RPR is as strong as smooth meadow grass, but is very fast establishing. It also reduces the ingression of annual meadow grass in your tee or fairway, because of the reduced risk of it establishing in your grass sward.


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Primarily intended for overseeding

Consisting of 100% perennial ryegrass, the fast-establishing Bar Extreme RPR is primarily intended for overseeding. A combination of red fescue and smooth meadow grass is usually used for seeding.




The RPR mix produces determinate stolons that create a kind of netting in the sward, linking the individual grass plants. This means fewer divots, so less damage. The RPR technology ensures a regenerating, very fast establishing grass sward.


Higher player intensity

The determinate stolons in RPR create a natural network, like a kind of netting, resulting in a fast establishing sward. So instead of individual grass plants, every grassplant in a RPR sward is linked to another grass plant and to the soil, making for a dense sward. The grass will be held down better, with less risk of turf being torn up by golf clubs on tees or fairways, allowing a higher playing intensity.


Green all year round

This fast establishing RPR mix is particularly suitable for overseeding. Your sward can be overseeded up to three months longer than, say, a Bar Fairway sward. As Bar Extreme RPR is so suitable for overseeding, your golf course will last longer and will be green all year round. And that of course means more turnover for you. 


Lolium perenne (fine leaved)
Speed of establishment
very fast
Fertiliser requirement
Speed of growth
very fast
Sowing rate
25-30 gr/m²
Mowing height
from 10 mm
15 kg
Sowing depth
0.5 - 1.0 cm
Close mowing tolerance
Higher resistance to diseases
Requires less irrigation
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less mowing
Higher wear tolerance in summer
Higher wear tolerance in winter
Higher ball speeds
Fast establishment
Higher turf density
Year round green color
Higher ball speed
Higher salt tolerance

At Barenbrug we have been breeding grasses for golf courses for more than half a century. So Barenbrug golf grass mixtures are well-developed and have conquered the market worldwide. To ensure that our new products are used in the best way possible, we work closely with greenkeepers and golf course...

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