Bar Trio Bent

The closest mowing possible, to 2.5 mm

Bar Trio Bent consists of 100% creeping bent grass. It comprises at least three different varieties and can be mown the closest possible, down to 2.5 mm. It is advisable to use Bar Trio Bent for seeding greens with the shortest grass ever.


Extremely fast greens

The fact that Bar Trio Bent can be mown so closely implies extremely high ball speeds and playing quality. A Stimpmeter can be used to check whether ball speeds are indeed that high on a green. This simple device enables greenkeepers to accurately measure ball speeds.


High resistance to dollar spot and Fusarium

Creeping bent grass tends to be fairly susceptible to diseases. Barenbrug has paid a lot of attention to developing varieties that are less susceptible to diseases. Bar Trio Bent contains the very best varieties with good resistance to, in particular, dollar spot and Fusarium. Dollar spot causes small round patches in swards, while Fusarium affects the grass’s roots, turning them black and ultimately killing them.


 Trail results NTEP

Very dense greens

The combination of the best varieties in the 100% creeping bent grass mixture results in very dense greens. The use of different varieties ensures synergy, which means that the individual varieties contained in the mixture strengthen one another. Bar Trio Bent consequently creates a very dense sward with a high optical quality and excellent playing quality.  


Green all the year round

An unattractive colour can seriously spoil a green’s overall effect. Various grasses do not survive winter, but the optical quality of Bar Trio Bent is high all year round.


Fast establishment

Creeping bent grass is known for its fast establishment. Its high establishment rate has now even been improved by using the best selected varieties. This fast establishment means that there is less risk of annual meadow grass establishing, and golfers can soon enjoy a beautiful green on which their balls will roll very fast.

Agrostis stolonifera (3 varieties)
Speed of establishment
Fertiliser requirement
Speed of growth
Sowing rate
6-8 gr/m²
Mowing height
from 2,5 mm
15 kg
Sowing depth
0.4 - 0.6 cm
Close mowing tolerance
Higher ball speeds
Higher wear tolerance in summer
Higher wear tolerance in winter
Higher resistance to diseases
Higher turf density
Year round green color
Higher salt tolerance
Fast establishment
Requires less pesticides
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less irrigation
Requires less mowing

At Barenbrug we have been breeding grasses for golf courses for more than half a century. So Barenbrug golf grass mixtures are well-developed and have conquered the market worldwide. To ensure that our new products are used in the best way possible, we work closely with greenkeepers and golf course...

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