Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass, better known as RPR®, is an advanced grass seed technology developed by Barenbrug. This innovative variety of perennial ryegrass has conquered the green sector due to its unique properties and benefits. RPR® grass seed is known for its ability to regenerate, allowing the grass to repair itself after damage or wear. This characteristic makes RPR® an ideal choice for lawns, sports fields, and other green spaces that require sustainability and resilience.


Barenbrug's SOS®, which stands for Super Over Seeding, is a carefully formulated grass seed mix from Barenbrug's team of specialists. Sports fields are played on day in, day out, and it's no surprise that bald spots in the turf appear during the colder months. Ordinary grasses often lack sufficient light and temperature to successfully fill in these spots. This is where SOS® makes a difference. SOS® germinates very quickly, even at low temperatures starting from 4 degrees Celsius, thereby offering the ideal solution for sports fields. Thanks to this innovative mix, the grass grows early in the spring, even before other lawn or sports field managers start their grass maintenance, making bald spots a thing of the past.

Resilient Blue®

Resilient Blue® is a standout innovation in the world of grass seed and landscaping. This advanced grass seed mix is designed to tackle the challenges of modern times, such as drought, heat, diseases, and intensive use, offering solutions for creating and maintaining beautiful, sustainable green spaces. With its unique properties, including drought tolerance, heat resistance, and wear resistance, Resilient Blue® promises not only an attractive appearance but also an environmentally friendly approach to green maintenance.

Happy Lawn®

With Happy Lawn® grass technology, you have the opportunity to positively influence your immediate environment. This revolutionary solution combines mowable flowers with a resilient lawn, making it easy to maintain a lush and biodiverse lawn. The term "mowable flowers" refers to a special group of plants that are resistant to regular mowing. These botanical wonders have been carefully selected for their ability to seamlessly integrate into lawns, public green spaces, and other areas that are frequently mowed.

Weide 365®

With the Weide 365® grass seed mix, it's all about providing fresh grass for your cows year-round. This philosophy ensures maximum and stable grass growth from early spring to late autumn, allowing you to get the most out of your roughage. Weide 365® enables you to be the first to put your cows out to pasture. Thanks to an early start in spring and the steep leaf posture of the crop, your field dries up sooner and becomes suitable for grazing your cows. This creates sufficient grazing days early in the year, making grazing during the hot summer days unnecessary. The extended grass season even offers the possibility for extra grazing days.


NutriFibre® is a groundbreaking grass technology for silage, developed as a result of the international breeding program 'Grass for high-yielding dairy cattle'. This innovative technology combines mineral efficiency, high protein production, digestible cell walls, and strong root growth, resulting in exceptional quality silage. The synergy between these properties makes NutriFibre® a powerful choice for livestock farmers. It is the culmination of extensive testing under various conditions and management practices, making it a reliable solution for high-yielding dairy farms.

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is a pioneering seed treatment that adds the right Rhizobium strain to the seed. Thanks to a unique recipe and process, the seed is provided with essential Rhizobium bacteria, while extra nutrients are added to improve their survival rate and lifespan. This is particularly crucial for clover, as it often faces strong competition from grass and weeds after sowing. With Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®, the crop gets the best possible start, enabling it to quickly convert nitrogen from the air into usable ammonium nitrogen for plant nutrition.

Yellow Jacket Water Manager®

Yellow Jacket Water Manager® is the world's first seed enhancement technology that optimizes moisture management, enabling optimal germination and establishment of plants. This innovation was developed by Barenbrug. Upon watering, it spreads through the soil and attaches to sand grains, creating a special area known as the "plant survival zone." In this zone, surrounding the young plant in the ground, it can germinate, grow, and survive without stress, thanks to water management.