Recovery of drought damage on golf courses

The summer months are exceptionally dry. Golf courses turn from green to yellow and from yellow to brown. Is there still life in your tee or fairway? What should you do to get a lovely green tee or fairway again and what dangers may be lying in wait? This First Aid for Drought Damage for gold courses aims to answer these questions.


With our exclusive step-by-step plan, you can once again create a healthy, vital golf course in no time!

First of all, perform the First Aid for Drought Damage test!

Before proceeding, perform the First Aid for Drought Damage test here. Then read below how to restore your sports fields in no time at all.

Restoring golf courses in the event of drought damage

1. Make sure that all dead grass plants and any felt are removed by scarifying or tickle harrowing the turf and clearing this dead material.


2. Check for water repellency by performing the droplet test.


Droplet test:

The following test gives a good indication of the water repellency of the soil:

A. Use the shovel or gouge to cut out a piece of turf.
B. Place a drop of water at every 2 cm depth.
C. If it takes more than 1 minute for the droplet to be absorbed by the soil, the soil is too water repellent for normal recovery of the turf. Overseeding with ordinary grass seed will have no effect.



3a. Water repellent?

Your only option is grass seed that has been treated with Yellow Jacket Water Manager. Barenbrug has a solution for water-repellent soils: Yellow Jacket Water Manager! This revolutionary seed treatment with Yellow Jacket Water Manager combats water repellency and prevents it from recurring during the period when the young grass plants grow into mature plants (settlement period). Water is made available for germination of the new seed and establishment of the new young plants. Your turf will be strong and vital again with healthy strong young plants.


3b. Not water repellent?

The damage can be repaired with untreated seed, but this is not recommended given the uncertain weather conditions in summer and early autumn. New plants are extremely sensitive to heat and drought stress, even if it only lasts for a short period of time (abiotic stress). This is also why it is recommended to use grass seed with Yellow Jacket Water Manager to protect your vulnerable young plants against these conditions.

4. Overseed the turf with the desired grass seeds to create a new strong grass mat with desired grasses.

Guaranteed establishment!

Would you like to re-establish a dense, green turf as soon as possible without any problems for both germination and grass establishment? Choose grass seed with Yellow Jacket Water Manager! Click on the button below for more information.

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