Dormancy classification in Europe

Barenbrug has a widely extended lucerne breeding program. Our program is running in Northern- France (Flemish types), Southern France (Mediterranean types), Romania (continental types) and Australia (non-dormant types). The main goal of Barenbrug lucerne breeding is to obtain the maximum farm benefits from lucerne.

High quality seed by Barenbrug

All Barenbrug lucerne varieties give a high (protein) yield. They have a large proportion of leaves and flexible stem parts. The latter ensures that little high-protein leaf is lost during cutting. High-end Barenbrug varieties can easily yield more than low quality varieties to an equivalent of value of €150 per hectare per year. Barenbrug lucerne seed is free from noxious weeds and the lucerne plants have a high resistance against nematodes. Barenbrug can provide a suitable seed type for every climate zone.


Overview of Barenbrug lucerne varieties and dormancy classification in Europe

Lucerne varieties

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