How does Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator work?

Thanks to Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® technology, growing high protein crops on your own land is hassle-free. This article explains how Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® technology works. 

The power of Rhizobium

Aided by the right nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium bacteria, leguminous crops capture and store nitrogen in the root nodules. This promotes better establishment and initial growth of the crop. Thanks to the extra power of the Rhizobium bacteria you can harvest a crop with a higher protein and dry matter yield. 


The effect of Rhizobium is enhanced if the seed is coated with the right strain of bacteria for the particular crop. Seed treated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® offers this advantage. To ensure the Rhizobium bacteria attach firmly around the seeds, we use glue specially developed by Barenbrug. This glue contains additional nutrients that significantly boost the survival rate of the Rhizobium bacteria. 

Proven nutrients

Barenbrug Research has performed extensive research into the nutrients in Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®. Based on the results of greenhouse and field trials, nutrients were selected that best enhance the effectiveness of the Rhizobium bacteria. In addition, micro-nutrients ensure the young crop gets off to a flying start. 


How rhizobium works 

The Rhizobium bacteria in Yellow Jacket  Nitrogenerator® are always active and close to the young roots. After seeding, the Rhizobium bacteria migrate into the soil. The young roots produce flavonoids that attract the Rhizobium bacteria. The Rhizobium bacteria send back a specific signal and anchor themselves to the hair roots. Ultimately, balls of pink nitrogen will form - proof that the plants fix nitrogen.  

How does Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator work?

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