Lucerne, easy

From now on, growing lucerne is hassle-free. Seed for this high-protein forage is now available with an innovative coating, ensuring a good start for the crop and a rich harvest for you, as well as high-protein rations for your dairy cattle. The Yellow Jacket Rhizobium seed coating makes growing lucerne much easier.

Improved establishment

Barenbrug has developed the technology for the enhanced coating of lucerne seeds. Yellow Jacket Rhizobium coating contains active Rhizobium bacteria, which are essential for the growth of lucerne in the initial phase. Extra nutrients and a buffering layer have been added to the coating. These nutrients feed the seedlings, increase shelf life and protect the Rhizobium bacteria against stress.

Yellow Jacket Rhizobium seed coating improves the establishment of your crops, ensuring long-standing, high and hassle-free forage production. Growing lucerne is much easier from now on.