Massive grass production, better palatalibity

GreenSpirit logoGreen Spirit is our line of grass and clover mixtures for high-yielding farms and offers solutions for the modern farmer. There is a Green Spirit mixture to suit each typeof grassland and farm management system available,which provides a massive high quality forage yield,better palatability and improves animal health. 


Maximizing returns from grass

Green Spirit mixtures contain a well-balancedcomposition of Barenbrug’s top varieties, so the farmer can get the very best out of grass. These mixtures provide durable and high quality pastures which guarantee a high protein content and high levels of energy and effective fibre in both fresh grass and silage. This maximizes the returns from grass. 


The value of Green Spirit grassland

Trials by official institutes and experience on working farms have shown that the varieties used in the 

Green Spirit mixtures produce at least 5 % more total feed value per hectare than common seed mixtures. This results into 600 - 700 kg dry matter per hectare more, which in practice means enough extra energy and protein available to provide an additional 1,000 kg milk per hectare. With current milk prices a farm can earn €350,— per hectare more every year from Barenbrug’s GreenSpirit products. Click here for more information about the GreenSpirit mixtures.


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Exclusive distribution

Green Spirit is distributed all over Europe by exclusive Barenbrug dealers. To find a specialized dealer in your area, click here.