EuroTier 2018 - Producing more protein from your own land!

Producing more protein from your own land is a topical issue for dairy farmers worldwide. Barenbrug has various solutions for diverse climate conditions, ranging from extremely dry to extremely cold. These are the results of long-term plant breeding and development at 14 breeding stations around the globe.

Barenbrug - EuroTier exhibition 2018

Barenbrug will be at Eurotier 2018 giving information about various ways to produce more protein from your own land. Talk to our grass experts, take our grass challenge and test your knowledge about grass and learn everything there is to know about grass seeds that are perfect for you!


Barenbrug presents high-protein forage solutions:

  • High yielding, drought tolerant, nutrient efficient and effective fibres
    • NUTRI FIBRE grass technology
  • Short-term protein production
    • PROTAPLUS grass/clover
  • Sustainable production of healthy forage
    • NUTRI HERBS grass/forage herbs
  • Extremely dry continental climate production
    • DRYLAND grass/clover
  • Certainty and high-protein production
    • LUCERNE EASY, with YELLOW JACKET seed enhancement


Want to know more about the products above? 

Note 13 - 16 November 2018 in your diary and visit us at EuroTier!

We are looking forward to showing the EuroTier visitors how NutriHerbs and ProtaPlus contribute to the production of protein from your own land 

Paul van den Berg - Marketing Manager

Meet Barenbrug

We specialize in plant breeding, seed production and the international marketing of seeds for turf, forage grass and legumes. Central in our company is our passion for grass, we share this with our customers and growers. Four generations of the Barenbrug family have also shared this through to the present day.

Grass has a close bond with producing protein from your own land. All the benefits also lay close to what Barenbrug believes in. Sustainability, helping produce for example more milk from cows because of better grass. Quality, improving our grass to improve the planet and nature. And lastly partnership, working together with farmers, greenkeepers and grassprofessionals to create a better, greener world.