Barenbrug at the EuroTier exhibition 2018!

We love seeing the happy faces of farmers, that's why we presented 4 innovations with the main theme: 'sustainable protein from your own land'. By producing more protein from your own land, you save costs and get happy and healthy cows. 

International conversations about sustainable innovations

How deep can grass roots grow? How much water does grass need in a year? These and other questions have been answered at EuroTier 2018. Barenbrug presented 4 themes showing the benefits for farmers and cattle.


  • Protein, a crucial nutrient in all cattle diets.
  • Drought tolerance, which is getting very important with the rising global temperatures.
  • Biodiversity, which helps save the planet's wildlife.
  • Nutrient efficiency, which will make for a greener, more beautiful earth.


These themes all come together in the main theme: Sustainable protein from your own land. By listening to people's needs, we were able to present wonderful solutions at the exhibition. We know how important good quality grass is to farmers and their cows. The products we presented at the exhibition link to the 4 themes. Our innovations: NutriFibre, ProtaPlus, Lucerne easy, Drylands and NutriHerb grass all have great benefits for farmers, ranging from extra protein and high yielding to very drought tolerent. It is important to us that farmers get the best quality grass, that fit their needs. 


EuroTier is the world’s leading trade fair for animal production. It gives an overview of the innovations in the area of technology, services and genetics related to modern lifestock farming. Barenbrug was happy to participate in such an internationally visited and grand exhibiton. 

Sustainable protein from your own land

Protein, drought, biodiversity and nutrient efficiency are topical issues for dairy farmers worldwide. Barenbrug presents various solutions for a variety of climate conditions, ranging from extremely dry to extremely cold. 


  • Protein - Protein is a high-value nutrient in all beef cattle diets. Forage grass and legumes are a natural source of protein which save costs and are environmentally friendly.
  • Drought tolerence - The drought, caused by global warming, damages lots of crops. Last summer many pastures and meadows stopped growing and turned from green into yellow and brown. This creates an increasing demand for forage crops that are resistant to drought.

  • Biodiversity - In recent years there has been increasing concern that modern agricultural production practices are contributing to the decline of biodiversity. With a carefully formulated forage mixture you stimulate not only the environment but also the quality of your cattle and milk.
  • Nutrient efficiency - It’s a major concern to increase nutrient efficiency to minimize the losses of fertilization. Solutions can be found in grasses with deeper reaching roots and forage legumes that ensure nitrogen fixation from the air.