Introduction of GreenSpirit mixtures in Sweden during Borgeby Fältdagar 2017

The Borgeby Fältdagar 2017 will take place from the 28th untill the 29th of June. During this fair, we will introduce Barenbrug’s GreenSpirit grass seed mixtures for the first time in Sweden. You can find us at the Norups Gård stand (stand number L59)!

Introduction of GreenSpirit mixtures in Sweden

Barenbrug is going to enter the Swedish market with her GreenSpirit line of grass and clover mixtures for high-yielding farms. From June 2017 and onwards the GreenSpririt product line will be made available by Norups Gård AB. The GreenSpirit mixtures are well known in Europe for their high quality forage yield, better palatability and contribution to animal health.

GreenSpirit Nutrifibre

An important innovation within the GreenSpirit product line is GreenSpirit NutriFibre. This mixture is suitable for the production of high-quality grass silage and contains the NutriFibre grass technology.

GreenSpirit NutriFibre is grass with a strong, impressive root system and nutritious, protein rich leaves. NutriFibre offers an advantage regarding four points on the grasses traditionally grown by dairy farmers: high yield, drought tolerant, nutrient efficient and effective fibre. Especially the high yield of NutriFibre is very relevant for Swedish farmers.

About Norups Gård AB

Norups Gård AB is an innovative agriculture and bio energy company. It is a family business since 1904 with bio energy since 1989. Manufacturer of biodiesel, biogas, biological pesticides and nutrient solutions for the agricultural sector.



About the Borgeby Fältdagar

The Borgeby Fältdagar is an agricultural fair for professional farmers and attracts visitors from throughout northern Europe. The fair offers a successful combination of demonstration crops, exhibitors and experts, practical demonstrations of machinery and seminars. Borgeby Fältdagar is the place for those who have farming as their main interest and occupation.