NutriFibre - Mineral efficient

NutriFibre®’s efficient use of nutrients guarantees a reduction in leaching. Because NutriFibre® optimally utilises fertilisers, dairy farmers get more yield with the same level of fertilisation compared to other grasses.

Soil permitting, NutriFibre®’s roots can reach depths of more than 100 cm, compared with only 25 cm on average for perennial ryegrass. This enables NutriFibre® to utilise 96% of the nutrients contained in the soil (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium) and will produce high yields for at least ten years with undiminished productivity.

Best phosphate utilisation

Phosphate is attracting a lot of attention due to the expected worldwide phosphate shortage. This means that applications of phosphate will have to be utilised more efficiently. NutriFibre® offers the perfect solution, as its long roots allow the crop to intake 15% more phosphate. In addition, NutriFibre® is able to utilise the phosphate present in deeper soil layers and convert this into extra growth. NutriFibre® gives a higher protein yield per hectare compared with other grass varieties (figure 3).



Figure 3. Difference in crude protein production per kg of phosphate

Nitrogen utilisation

Research from 2011 by the Louis Bolk Institute (NL) demonstrates that NutriFibre® produces more high-protein grass per hectare than other grasses, with the same nitrogen input (table 3). NutriFibre® enables you to economise on the purchase of nitrogen or high-protein feed or concentrates after sowing.


Table 3. Difference in dry matter yield as a result of better mineral efficiency

Source: Louis Bolk Institute (NL), 2011


NutriFibre Crop Management - Manual

This NutriFibre® crop management manual provides you with the necessary information to get the most out of your NutriFibre® grass.

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