Excellent forage quality

  • Dormancy class: 5.0
  • Very suitable for normal use as well as use in regions with short crop rotation cycles
  • Good persistency
  • High dry matter yields with good protein content
  • Guaranteed top yields with Yellow Jacket Rhizobium coating
  • Flemish type
  • Semi-non-dormant type
  • Non-dormant type

Good persistency

Alexis has outstanding winter hardiness and resistance to frost. It also has excellent disease resistance to Anthracnose and Verticilium. Alexis can easily produce healthy crops for four years or longer.


High dry matter yields with good protein content

On the French “Liste A”, which rates all top lucerne varieties, Alexis is one of the leading varieties for dry matter yield (16.9 mton dry matter/hectare). This feature is still the most important aspect for all farmers in Europe. In addition, the high and stable protein content (19-20%) in its silage gives quality nutrition for cattle. 


Very suitable for use in regions with short crop rotation cycles

Alexis was selected for its resistance to nematodes. Which has resulted in an excellent resistance score (>85%). Alexis can therefore be used in short crop rotation cycles whereas other varieties will usually show poor establishment.


Guaranteed top yields with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator is Barenbrug’s seed enhancement technology for lucerne. Using new technology, high levels of effective Rhizobia are embedded in a protective polymer matrix. Together with a nutrient booster containing all essential minerals and trace elements, this product is designed to improve establishment and increase forage production.


Reasons to use Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator:

  • Improved establishment under difficult conditions.
  • Better use of available water and soil moisture.
  • Increased disease resistance.
  • Improved nitrogen fixation.
  • Increased forage and protein yield.


For extra information about Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator, click here.

Medicago sativa
Dormancy class:
Seed rate:
25 - 30 kg/ha
25 kg bags
Yellow Jacket:
Feed quality
Nematode resistance

Lucerne (or alfalfa) is a deep rooting crop, highly suitable for cultivation in dry areas. Livestock farmers mainly use lucerne for high protein hay and silage production or for direct feeding to cattle. Another application is processing of artificially dehydrated lucerne.

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