Zulu II - Arrowleaf clover

The robust winter clover

  • Arrowleaf clover.
  • Excellent spring and early summer growth.
  • Erect, narrow stemmed variety.
  • Well adapted to loamy and deep acidic sandy soils.
  • Tap root can reach lower perched water tables.
  • High level of hard seeds ensure good regeneration.

    This temperate clover species can easily be identified by the shape of its leaves, pointed like an arrow. This hard-seeded type is mainly used in Mediterranean areas with very mild winters. Arrowleaf clover is adapted to acid-neutral soils and can be used for cutting and light grazing. It starts  quite slow, having its main production in spring. Therefore Arrowleaf clover should be used in mixtures with more winter-active legume species.


    Zulu II characteristics:

    Rainfall required: 450mm+

    pH-range (CaCl2): 4,5 – 7,0

    Flowering: Mid-season

    Self-regeneration: Excellent

    Growth habit: Erect

    Establishment: Slow

    Application: Silage, grazing

    Sowing rate: 1-8 kg/ha, in mix with grasses and legumes


    Arrowleaf clover
    Annual clovers

    Annual clover offers a range of grazing, hay and silage options with multiple benefits including nitrogen fixation, weed control rotations and disease breaks. The addition to grass or hay can increase feed quality, protein content and provide nitrogen for grass or cereal growth.