Productive and healthy, year-after-year

  • Meadow fescue.
  • Good adaptation to continental climates.
  • Excellent winter hardiness.
  • Good persistency.
  • High dry matter yields.
  • Excellent choice for use in central and eastern Europe.
  • Officially listed in: Romania, Belarus, France.
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Barcrypto is a new meadow fescue variety released from Barenbrug Research breeding station in Romania. Bred under continental climatic conditions the variety is very well adapted to various climatic conditions.


Characteristics of Barcrypto:

  • Excellent spring growth
  • Excellent dry matter yields all over the season
  • High digestibility
  • Very high disease resistance
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Excellent persistency
  • Excellent competition ability in a mixture


Barcrypto can be used for both cutting and grazing management. Particularly suited for areas with strong winters. 

Festuca pratensis

This species is highly acceptible to grazing animals when kept leafy. It grows best under cool, moist conditions and tolerates wet and occassionally flooded soils. It has better winter hardiness than Perennial ryegrass and is often used in assoccation with timothy, white or red clover and Lucerne.

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