True grazing type

  • Intermediate late heading Timothy.
  • Fits in well in mixtures with more aggressive species.
  • Very persistent.
  • High yielding under frequent cutting or grazing.
  • Officially listed in: The Netherlands.
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Barmidi is the only true grazing-type timothy variety available on the market. It’s adopted to the only recommended list in Europe where special grazing timothy’s are rated: The Netherlands. Barmidi is not the highest yielding timothy, but it shows excellent persistency and ground cover under frequent defoliation.


From grazing trials can be seen that cows prefer fresh timothy above all other grass species. This is due to its soft leaf texture. The picture below is taken from a grazing farm, where one stripe of Barmidi was sown in a perennial ryegrass sward. Though heavily grazed, Barmidi shows excellent ground cover and persistency.


Phleum pratense

Palatability and superior winter hardiness are its most important features. It does very well on wet, peaty and heavy textured soils. Establishment of this species is rather slow, summer production often limited. Timothy tolerates a cutting management well.

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