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  • Intermediate tetraploid perennial ryegrass.

  • High yielding mid-season type.
  • Excellent under difficult situations.
  • Suitable in many areas.
  • Officially listed in: Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic.
  • Nordic climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate

High yielding mid-season type

Barnauta is a well-recognised tetraploid variety from Barenbrug’s breeding program. Its main quality is a high dry matter yield. This has been proven in many official trials in both Western- and Central Europe. Barnauta shows its growth peak in the first half of the season. Therefore its very suitable for silage and grazing mixtures.


Excellent under difficult situations

This variety was one of the first tetraploids with an improved persistency, comparable to a diploid. In Germany it was rewarded with an ‘M-recommendation’, proving its suitability for peaty soils. Under high weed pressure and harsh winters, Barnauta withstands the pressure and can produce quality grass, year after year.


Suitable in many areas

Barenbrug recommends to use Barnauta in mixtures for Oceanic-, as well as Continental- , as well as Mediterranean climates. This variety shows a great adaptability to different temperature and rainfall zones. Barnauta is a reliable choice for each farmers: safe and secure! 

Lolium perenne
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Lolium perenne

One of the most important and widely used forage grasses, exhibiting rapid establishment, good tillering ability, excellent response to nitrogen and high acceptability to stock. Compared with other species, perennial ryegrass is more digestible, thus giving higher digestible dry matter production.

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