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Barolex is a variety of Tall fescue setting new standards for palatability due to the combination of very late heading and soft leaves.


Very soft leaves

Traditional Tall fescue varieties have hard leaves and are not very palatable. Due to breeding, Barenbrug has bred soft leaved varieties which are highly appreciated by cattle. This has resulted in better palatability and digestibility and a higher dry matter intake by animals. Barolex is a variety with very soft leaves (see table 1).


Very late heading

Traditionally, Tall fescue shows an early growth followed by early heading. Compared with other Tall fescue varieties Barolex guarantees you an extended leaf production due to its very late heading. In practice, this means it also shows very little re-heading during subsequent cuts which prevents a too high lignin (ADL)-fraction. Therefore, Barolex is a real quality tall fescue. 


­Excellent dry matter production

Barolex has an outstanding annual dry matter production similar to the top tall fescue varieties. Under standard conditions it outclasses perennial ryegrass with up to 30% yield. Barolex has an excellent production performance under extreme climatic conditions, like harsh winters or dry summers




Festuca arundinacea

Tall fescue is a deep rooting, very adaptable species which grows early in spring and has the potential for high dry-matter production with nitrogen fertilization. Tall fescue is a good species for wetlands too. It produces about 30% more dry matter compared to perennial ryegrass.

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