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Baroptima is a product from Barenbrug’s soft-leaved tall fescue breeding program. Though its originated from Western-Europe it has been tested and proved under a wide range of climates, from USA to Russia. This has shown Baroptima’s capability to adapt to different environments. It’s very winterhardy, survives long period of drought and produces very well in all kind of field management practices. This makes Baroptima sustainable, and moreover, profitable on the long-term.


High disease resistance

A special feature of this variety is its outstanding resistant to pests, diseases and insects. Due to its wide adaptation it has shown to withstand different diseases, like leaf-spot and crown rust, but in other regions also severe insect attacks. This ensures a good survival and persistency of your sward, prevents weed infections and will give a high quality forage year-after-year.



Festuca arundinacea

Tall fescue is a deep rooting, very adaptable species which grows early in spring and has the potential for high dry-matter production with nitrogen fertilization. Tall fescue is a good species for wetlands too. It produces about 30% more dry matter compared to perennial ryegrass.

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