Dense and dynamic

  • Diploid Italian ryegrass.
  • High yielding variety.
  • Excellent rust resistance.
  • Good adaptability to the conditions.
  • Very persistent.
  • High resistance to Xanthomonas.
  • Officially listed in: France, Luxembourg, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

BARPRISMA is an Italian ryegrass variety from Barenbrug. Trial results from CTPS in France confirms and guarantees a dense and healthy vegetation, ideal for an excellent production of high quality.


  • Very high yields in the 1st cut and in the first year.


  • Barprisma shows excellent resistance to rust and Xanthomonas*.


  • Barprisma keeps a high percentage of ground cover due to its excellent persistency.


  • Barprisma is particularly recommended for use in southern Europe due to the winter growth habit of the variety.


  • Barprisma is a diploid with a high dry matter content in the plant and therefore, it does not cause extra effluent problems.


Feeding aspects:

  • Barprisma is very palatable and digestible to stock.
  • This means that a high quality silage can be maintained.
  • Barprisma contains a high content of Water Soluble Carbohydrates (sugars) to give better fermentation.


* Xanthomonas (= Bacterial wilt) is a new fast spreading disease which kills the plants, resulting in a strong reduction of dry matter yields. With 96% of the plants resistant to Xanthomonas, Barprisma is one of the best resistant varieties to this disease. 

Late heading
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Lolium multiflorum

Italian ryegrass provides excellent quality forage for up to two years, depending on climate and available moisture. Due to its quick regrowth, very early development in spring and a prolonged growing period in autumn, this species usually has greater overall productivity than perennial ryegrass.

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