Barspectra II

The new standard!

  • Tetraploid Westerwold ryegrass.
  • replaces the famous old Barspectra.
  • higher dry matter yields, particularly in the first cut.
  • exceptional spring growth and has a very good digestibility.
  • Officialy listed in: Luxemburg, Russia.
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

After 40 years of fame of the Westerwold ryegrass variety Barspectra, Barenbrug proudly presents the release of the successor variety Barspectra II. Although Barspectra was difficult to beat, the Barenbrug breeders succeeded in breeding this new leading variety with improved forage characteristics which will benefit farmers using the variety.


Barspectra II stands for high quality, palatable forage. Barspectra II is a leafiness, broad leaved variety with a significantly higher dry matter content in the plant, providing very high dry matter yields per hectare. Barspectra II has a high digestibility, crude protein content and is rich of soluble sugars. Moreover, the variety shows excellent disease resistance. The variety was specially selected for usage in southern European production systems. Therefore, Barspectra II produces a massive first cut, but is also suitable for use  in multicut systems during the season.


The main features of Barspectra II are:

  • Fast establishment after sowing and dense growth.
  • Excellent dry matter yield at first cut
  • High protein content in the plant
  • Rich of sugars
  • Excellent crown rust resistance
  • Good heat stress resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to lodging
  • Barspectra II showed the highest dry matter yields in trials in Italy and France



Westerwold ryegrass

Rapidly establishing annual species which gives high productivity in the season of sowing. This species is useful for spring sowing or immediate sowing after maize or cereal harvest in fall or when high yields are required within 3-6 months of sowing.

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