For a prolonged grazing season

  • Early diploid perennial ryegrass.
  • Very high dry matter yields.
  • Early spring growth.
  • Suitable for grazing as well as cutting.
  • High degree of winter growth.
  • Officialy listed in: France, Argentina, South Africa.


  • Nordic climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Bronsyn is an early heading, diploid, Perennial ryegrass which was released from the Barenbrug Research breeding programme in New Zealand. Due to this, Bronsyn offers special characteristics which are valuable for farmers living in climates with mild winters. Bronsyn shows winter growth, providing an extended growing season. Bronsyn is recommended in France and offers the following characteristics:


  • Outstanding crown rust resistance
  • Excellent dry matter yields (104% over French standards in spring)
  • Superb summer and autumn production (121% over French standards)
  • Total dry matter yield: 109 % over French standards, making Bronsyn the highest yielding variety in its category 
  • Fast germination (5-7 days)
  • Heat & drought tolerant
  • Excellent tolerance to hard grazing
  • Very persistent
  • Only heading in one flush, no aftermath heading


Farmers in Spain using Bronsyn in their pastures confirm the excellent productivity of this cultivar and are impressed by its performance.

Moreover, the variety has set the standard in New Zealand, the number one choice of dairy farmers and also widely used in beef and sheep systems.



Lolium perenne
Early heading
Intermediate heading
Late heading
Lolium perenne

One of the most important and widely used forage grasses, exhibiting rapid establishment, good tillering ability, excellent response to nitrogen and high acceptability to stock. Compared with other species, perennial ryegrass is more digestible, thus giving higher digestible dry matter production.

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