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Countryside Flowers

Annual flowers for the countryside and wildlife
  • Annual flower mixture  
  • For agricultural field margins 
  • Increases biodiversity 
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Roadside Wildflowers

Wildflowers for safe and biodiverse road verges
  • Flower seeds for roadside verges 
  • Flowers at low height 
  • Creates a colourful verge 
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Biodiversity Wildflowers

Wildflowers for a balanced ecosystem in roughs and borders
  • Several species which contain nectar, attractive for insects 
  • Colourful and flower during the growing season 
  • Wildflowers for roughs and borders 
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Tasty Herbs

Palatable and healthy for grazing animals
  • For a biodiverse pasture 
  • Suitable for cutting and grazing 
  • Perfect in combination with Nutriherb or Horse master 
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