Highly nutritious forage pea

  • Very leafy type.
  • Agressive growth habit.
  • Highly palatable.
  • Suitable for mixes with barley/oats.
  • Not recommended to mix with grass/clover.
  • Officially listed in France, Macedonia.

    Rif is a coloured flowering forage pea variety. It is very leafy and therefor best suited for forage production, possible in combination with cereals. Due to its aggressive growth habit and fast ground cover Rif isn’t recommended as a cover crop for perennial grasses. Rif produces a very palatable and nutritious crop, which can be seen from the tables below:


    Forage pea
    Forage pea

    This special type of pea is used for the production of palatable roughage often in combination with oats or barley which provide high quality forage rich in protein. Forage pea contains high levels of protein.

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