The tall fescue for cold areas!


  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Karolina is a variety of Tall fescue released from a Scandinavian breeding programme. Therefore, the variety performs excellent in harsh continental climates with severe winters.


Late heading

Traditionally, Tall fescue shows an early growth followed by early heading. Compared with other Tall fescue varieties Karolina guarantees you an extended leaf production due to its later heading.


Excellent dry matter production

Karolina has an annual dry matter production similar to the variety Retu from Finland. In official trials these Tall fescues has produced almost 20% more yield than the best meadow fescue varieties. Karolina has an excellent production performance under extreme climatic conditions.


No. 1 variety for cold areas

Although Tall fescue is a very winter hardy species, differences occur between varieties. In extreme

continental areas in the north and in the east of Europe the variety Karolina offers advantages compared with common Tall fescues. Due to its genetic background it is absolutely the number one variety for such conditions. The excellent adaptation and high persistency guarantees a high forage production for many years.



Festuca arundinacea

Tall fescue is a deep rooting, very adaptable species which grows early in spring and has the potential for high dry-matter production with nitrogen fertilization. Tall fescue is a good species for wetlands too. It produces about 30% more dry matter compared to perennial ryegrass.

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