Performs under all conditions

  • Intermediate diploid ryegrass
  • Performs under all conditions: M-recommended
  • High spring yielder
  • Special features
  • Officially listed in: Germany, The Netherlands (2016)
  • Nordic climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Performs under all conditions: M-recommended

Melspring is a new diploid variety which was originally bred in Belgium, but developed in Northwest Europe. Due to strict selection it has become a cultivar which performs under all kind of conditions. Melspring has obtained an M-recommendation in Germany, for its great persistency and winterhardiness in tough conditions.


High spring yielder

This Barenbrug variety shows an early development in spring, which gives a fast start to the sward. Therefor it’s ideal for seed mixtures which should give high yield in the 1st cut. Melspring heads around May 26th.


Special features

Melspring has two special features that make for a valuable variety. First of all its winterhardiness is combined with early spring growth – this is quite unique in many areas. Secondly, Melspring has an excellent disease (crown rust) resistance, which ensures high quality grass throughout the whole season.








Lolium perenne
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Lolium perenne

One of the most important and widely used forage grasses, exhibiting rapid establishment, good tillering ability, excellent response to nitrogen and high acceptability to stock. Compared with other species, perennial ryegrass is more digestible, thus giving higher digestible dry matter production.

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