Ilte - Red clover

No.1 in the Nordic area

  • Tetraploid red clover.
  • High clover yields in both first and second year.
  • Very persistent.
  • Winterhardy.
  • Excellent variety for Nordic climatic conditions.
  • Officially listed in: Finland, Norway, Estonia, Sweden and Russia.

    Ilte is a Scandinavian breeding product. It grows very well in a short season and survives harsh winters without a problem. This variety has proven its benefits to farmers in all Nordic countries and is adopted on many recommended lists. Constantly high yield, very persistent and a nice dense ground cover are the main features of Ilte.


    Red clover
    Red clover

    This herbage legume is often used in grass mixtures for a predominantly cutting regime. As a legume, its very much appreciated for its nitrogen fixing ability and therefore its nutritional value as a forage.