Lemmon - Red clover

Long term high protein production

  • Diploid red clover.
  • Long term high protein production.
  • For Oceanic and Semi-continental climates.
  • Extremely healthy crop.
  • Officially listed in: Germany, Belgium, Austria, France.

    Long term high protein production

    Lemmon is an intermediate flowering red clover which is perfectly suitable for multi-cutting systems. It shows a high forage production in spring at the 1st cut, but even higher in successive cuts. Lemmon has shown a perfect persistency and under good management it will still produce in the 3rd year. Having an excellent protein content, it therefor ensures a long term protein production for the farmer.


    For Oceanic and Semi-continental climates

    This Barenbrug variety has been tested and used in a wide range of environments. It has shown a good adaptation from West- to Central/East-Europe. Lemmon is listed at several official recommended lists: Germany,Austria, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. This proves the outstanding performance of Lemmon under different conditions.


    Extremely healthy crop

    A special characteristic of this variety is its high resistance against diseases. Lemmon receives top rates for resistance against typical red clover diseases,especially Anthracnose and Mildew. Besides that, it shows a perfect resistance against lodging. By this way Lemmon produces an extremely healthy crop, which can cope with many stress factors and survives on the long term.



     Seed rate 8-10 kg/ha in a mixture with grasses.• Sowing depth 0,5 – 1,0 cm.• Soil pH min. 5,2.• Pay attention to sufficient P- and K-fertilizer,depending on soil analysis.

    Red clover
    Red clover

    This herbage legume is often used in grass mixtures for a predominantly cutting regime. As a legume, its very much appreciated for its nitrogen fixing ability and therefore its nutritional value as a forage.