Tempus - Red clover

The practical type red clover

  • Tetraploid red clover.
  • Intensive, high yielding.
  • Rapid regrowth.
  • Suitable for many areas.
  • Officially listed in: Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria.

    Excellent tetraploid red clover

    Tempus is an intensive, high yielding variety suitable for production on arable land
    as well as for meadows and pastures. The feeding quality is very high, with an excellent palatability. This variety has got an outstanding production persistence, excellent resistance to winterkilling and great health features. Therefor Tempus can be used in Western Europe as well as in continental climates. The variety is characterized by a rapid initial growth and regrowth after cutting.


    Morphological characteristics:

    Tempus is a breeding product from Oseva Uni in the Czech Republic. It is a tetraploid mid-early variety. The plant is erect and of medium height. The stem is very strong, hollow, smooth to less hairy, and with 7-8 internodes. The leaves are large with less distinct markings. The percentage of leafiness is high. Flowers are deep pink to deep red, with sporadic occurrence of white colour and double heads. The 1000-seed weight is about 3 g.


    Advantages of Tempus:

    • very high yield of green matter
    • suitable in many climate zones
    • excellent feeding quality and palatability
    • excellent production persistence
    • outstanding health conditions



    Red clover
    Red clover

    This herbage legume is often used in grass mixtures for a predominantly cutting regime. As a legume, its very much appreciated for its nitrogen fixing ability and therefore its nutritional value as a forage.