SA Brown

Sub-tropical annual summer grass with quick establishment

  • Sub-tropical annual summer teff grass
  • Suitabele for quality forage and hay
  • Quick establishment and densely tufted, erect growth
  • Widely adapted to most soil types
  • Intolerant to waterlogging




     SA Bruin (Eragrostis Teff) is a sub-tropical annual summer grass. It is densely tufted with erect growth (0.2 – 1.2 m tal). SA Bruin has small-stemmed tillers originating from one crown and hairless, relatively thin and soft leaf blades. It establishes quickly and is very suitable for the production of high quality forage and hay. 


    SA Bruin characteristics:

    Crude protein: 10%

    Digestibility: 53 – 65 %

    Dry matter production: 2 – 8 t/ha/annum

    pH range 4.5 – 7

    Plant during middle November – middle January

    Seeding rate: 8 – 12.5 kg/ha dryland; 12.5 – 25 kg/ha irrigated



    Teff grass