Persistent hybrid

  • Intermediate diploid hybrid ryegrass.
  • Very persistent.
  • High digestibility.
  • Excellent disease resistance.
  • High dry matter production.
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Sabella is a breeding product from Switzerland. This hybrid is an intermediate type, which means it’s very persistent compared to the usual Italian types. Its special feature is winterhardiness. Therefor Sabella can be used in mixtures for both Oceanic- as Continental climates. 

Lolium hybridum
Lolium x hybridum

Varieties of hybrid ryegrass are obtained by crossing perennial and Italian ryegrass. Three types can be distinguished: Italian types have an erect growth habit and give good spring growth, whereas perennial types form a denser sward and have later spring growth. Also intermediate types exist.

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