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The most all-round tetraploid

Seagoe is a new variety on the Irish recommended list in 2014. Very special about Seagoe is that it shows no weaknesses. This variety combines exceptional yield in all seasons, a perfect ground cover and excellent digestibility. This makes Seagoe the most all-round variety among the inter. tetraploids.


Top yielding variety for both cutting and grazing

This Barenbrug/AFBI-variety is one of the top yielding varieties in its class. It has proven high yield figures under both standard- as frequent cutting systems1. This makes Seagoe suitable for both cutting and grazing.


Excellent resistance to mildew and drechslera

A healthy crop is essential for sufficient dry matter intake, especially later in the season. Therefor a good resistance to diseases like mildew and drechslera is important. Seagoe has been rated as the best disease resistant1 variety and therefor ensures high quality.


1: NIAB (UK), Recommended Grass and Clover List 2012/2013

Lolium perenne
Early heading
Intermediate heading
Late heading
Lolium perenne

One of the most important and widely used forage grasses, exhibiting rapid establishment, good tillering ability, excellent response to nitrogen and high acceptability to stock. Compared with other species, perennial ryegrass is more digestible, thus giving higher digestible dry matter production.

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