Sudan grass

  • Sudan x bicolor.
  • Very fast development and growth.
  • High yield at 1st cut.
  • Large, vigourous plants with wide leaves.
  • Can be used for grazing and silage.
  • Later heading than sudangrass.
  • High forage quality.
  • Single-cut
  • BMR
  • Multi-cut
  • High sugar


  • Sowing period: May-June (soil temperature > 14°C)
  • Seed rate: 25 kg/ha
  • Row distance: 20 – 30 cm, sowing depth 2-3 cm
  • Can be utilized from plant height 60-70 cm onwards
  • To be harvested 2 till 5 times per year
Sudan grass

Sorghum is an annual tropical forage. Different types can be distinguished from multi-cut Sudan grass to one-cut Forage sorghum. Compared to corn, sorghum shows a better drought tolerance.

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