Warm-season annual grass for quality forage

  • Low input crop that is easy to grow
  • Multiple harvests during the season
  • Excellent forage quality compared to other C4 grasses
  • A very palatable “soft” forage for horses, dairy, and beef cattle
  • No prussic acid concerns
  • Potential of 10 - 15 tons/ha seasonal dry hay yields
  • First crop in 45-55 days and 28-35 days between subsequent cuts
  • PVP (Plant Variety Protected) variety

    Tiffany Teff grass is a fine stemmed annual forage grass that has large crowns and numerous tillers with a shallow, massive fibrous root system for livestock and commercial hay producers who often need a fast growing, high yielding crop that’s easy to grow.

    Breeding Background
    Tiffany Teff Grass was one of the very best forage producers in a USA breeding program. Based on this criteria it was selected and trailed in SA with great success.

    Field Appearance
    Tiffany Teff Grass is a fine stemmed annual grass. It has large crowns and numerous tillers with a shallow, massive, fibrous root system and a uniform plant height at harvest maturity.

    Special Features
    Seasonal yield can range from 5 - 15 tons of dry hay per hectare depending upon growing conditions and the number of seasonal cuttings. It’s a costeffective crop that requires minimal pest or weed control.

    Management Keys
    Plant from late spring/early summer. Seed into a firm seed bed with a seeding depth of no deeper than 0.6 cm. Cut before heading for best forage quality and leave a minimum of 10 cm stubble.
    Teff Grass is a fast-growing, high-yielding crop with competitive forage quality, adapted to all across South Africa for dairy, beef or horses.

    Teff grass
    Sowing rate dryland
    8-12 kg/hec
    Sowing rate irrigated land
    20-25 kg/hec