New Zealand’s top selling reygrass

  • Late diploid hybrid ryegrass
  • Fine leaved perennial type
  • High quality, late heading
  • Cornerstone of New Zealand pastures
  • Officially listed in: Italy, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Oceanic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Fine leaved perennial type

Trojan is a truly perennial type. It’s fine leaved and densely tillered. Therefor it combines the benefits of perennial ryegrass (dense sward with great persistency), with massive growth throughout the entire season.


High quality, late heading

This variety is very late heading for a hybrid. Due to its low level of aftermath heading, it provides great feed quality in late spring and summer.


Cornerstone of New Zealand pastures

Trojan is New Zealand’s top selling ryegrass variety. It performs year round with an outstanding persistency (more than 5 years) and excellent grazing ability.


Lolium hybridum
Lolium x hybridum

Varieties of hybrid ryegrass are obtained by crossing perennial and Italian ryegrass. Three types can be distinguished: Italian types have an erect growth habit and give good spring growth, whereas perennial types form a denser sward and have later spring growth. Also intermediate types exist.

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