Barblanca - White clover

Large leaved white clover

  • Large leaved white clover.
  • Excellent persistency.
  • Aggressive growth habit.
  • Can compete with ryegrass.
  • Good early spring growth.
  • Some winter growth.
  • Officially listed in: Ireland, United Kingdom, France.

    Barblanca is a large leaved white clover with an aggressive growth habit. This can be seen by its excellent persistency in ryegrass/fescue-swards. Barblanca has a long growth season and even some winter growth. This make this white clover variety very suitable for mixtures in areas with mild winters.


    White clover
    Large leaved
    Large leaved
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    Ladino type (very large leaved)
    White clover

    White clover is a perennial legume which spreads by branching stolons through the sward. It has the ability to produce its own nitrogen through a symbiotic process with rhizobium bacteria in the root nodules. White clover is mainly used in grazing leys for its high nutritive value.