Quartet - White clover blend

White clover blend

  • Great adapation to diverse grassland management
  • Four clover varieties to combine strengths
  • Stimulates high yields at low fertilization level
  • Improves palatability and digestibility
  • Can fix up to 150 kg Nitrogen from the air
  • Increases soil life and fertility
    25 %
    White clover - large-leaved
    50 %
    White clover - medium/large-leaved
    25 %
    White clover - small-leaved
    Add Quartet to grass mixture
    3 - 5 kg/ha
    Sowing depth
    0.5 - 1.0 cm
    Seed into warm soil
    Large leaved
    Medium leaved
    Small leaved
    Ladino type (very large leaved)
    White clover

    White clover is a perennial legume which spreads by branching stolons through the sward. It has the ability to produce its own nitrogen through a symbiotic process with rhizobium bacteria in the root nodules. White clover is mainly used in grazing leys for its high nutritive value.