The 7 proven benefits of Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® has several benefits. These are explained down below.

1. Higher bacteria activity in soil

Rhizobium bacteria may occur naturally in soil in small amounts. But the occurrence and activity is not the same everywhere. Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® increases the amount of active Rhizobium bacteria in the soil and bacteria on the seed are always active and close to the young roots, for optimum effectiveness.


2. Long shelf life

Bacteria in the Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® survives well. The activity of these bacteria is guaranteed for at least six months in storage. This makes it possible to store excess seed for the next sowing period.

3. Improved plant establishment

Enhanced seed is heavier than unenhanced seed, which improves contact with the soil after sowing. Moreover, the enhanced seed will attract and retain moisture, enabling the crop to establish better compared to crops with unenhanced seed. A proper establishment of lucerne is essential as it forms the basis for a perennial, rich harvest, resulting in a higher protein level and dry matter yield. Various tests by Barenbrug Research demonstrates that the establishment and ground cover is far above the average.


4. Tip-top nutrition and acidity

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® contains essential nutrients and trace elements that feed the seedlings and enhance the effect of the Rhizobium bacteria. Lime (CaCO3) from the coating maintains the pH value around the roots.

5. Higher yield during many years

Also the yield of lucerne with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is higher during many years than the yield of unenhanced seed, resulting in a higher roughage yield and, consequently, more milk per hectare.


6. Tolerance to drought

A good establishment and initial growth of the young plants mains that the lucerne roots can penetrate the ground more than 100 centimeter deep when the soil allows this. Its plants are better able to absorb moisture from the deeper layers of soil compared to grasses. This is why lucerne with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is an excellent choice in dry areas of, for example, Central and Eastern Europe. In the coming decades, the likelihood of dry, hot summers will be on the rise, making lucerne the forage crop of the future.


7. Excellent working convenience

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is a ready-to use product, saving you a lot of work. Moreover, the distribution of the Rhizobium bacteria around the seed is much more even than when mixed manually.


Greening is an important element of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Because lucerne fi ts in well with this policy, some countries are offering subsidy opportunities for farmers growing lucerne - making it an even more attractive forage choice for dairy farmers.

Crop management manual

Apart from choosing Yellow Jacket Rhizobium coated lucerne seed, the right soil type, optimal fertilisation and correct harvesting methods will contribute to high forage yields. This crop management manual provides you with the necessary information to get the most out of your Yellow Jacket Rhizobium coated Lucerne seed.