Maximal organic matter

  • Ideal for sowing after cereal, vegetables or maize.
  • Can be sown into cover crop: cereals (spring) or maize (at 40 cm plant height).
  • Fast-establishing, late-heading.
  • Produces more roots and soil organic matter than rye.
  • Suitable as forage crop.
  • Sown after harvest
  • Sown into maize crop
  • Sown into cereal crop
  • Sown into vegetable crop



Italian ryegrass
Sowing rate (after harvest):
25 - 40 kg/ha
Sowing rate (into cover crop):
15 - 25 kg/ha
Organic matter production
Nematode resistance
Root penetration in soil
Suitable for late sowing
Great germination / land cover
Frost sensitive
Green manure grasses

Grasses are highly valued as green manure crop, primarily because they form extensive root systems. This enables them to supply large quantities of organic matter to the soil, while their roots simultaneously improve soil structure.