For the maximum biogas yield per hectare

  • Contains grasses with the highest biogas potential
  • Composition based on intensive methane batch-trails
  • Great flexibility in harvest window
  • Can be cut 2 - 6 times per year
  • Non-lodging grass types, easy to process
  • Adapted to high levels of fermenter substrate
  • Ideal for 2 till 5 production years
  • Silage
  • Grazing

For the maximum biogas yield per hectare




Sowing rate: 45 - 50 kg/ha

Sowing depth: 1.0 - 1.5 cm

Packaging: 15 kg bags

GreenSpirit Biogas

GreenSpirit is our line of grass and clover mixtures for high-yielding farms. There is a GreenSpirit mixture to suit each type of grassland and farm management system available, which provides a massive high quality forage yield, better palatability and improves animal health.

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