Horse Master

As a horse owner you want what’s best for your horse. That includes a pasture in which your horse can safely sprint around and which contains grass that is healthy for your horse. Unfortunately, many horses actually graze in pastures containing cattle grass or in pastures with a lot of bare patches, with all the adverse consequences that that involves.

Good horse grass must first of all contain a lot of effective fibre and have a low fructan content. High concentrations of fructan (sugar) may cause laminitis in horses as the horses’ intestines can’t process them. Grass that has been specially developed for cattle, on the contrary, contains a lot of fructan because the cows need it for their milk production.


Secondly, horses graze differently than cows. Horses bite off the grass just above the ground. This calls for grass with a low growing point, enabling the grazed grass to regrow quickly so as to prevent bare patches in the pasture. 

A horse pasture must moreover have a strong sward to make it resistant to daily sprints around the pasture. Horse Master has been specially developed for use by horses. If you want to use your pasture exclusively for making hay or producing silage for your horses, then Horse Master Hay is the best option for you. At this website you can read everything about horse pastures. If you should have any questions after reading it, please mail them to


We wish you every success with your horse pasture.


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