Increase your net profit per hectare

€ 226 higher net profit per hectare thanks to green manure crop

Sowing the green manure crop Proterra Maize along with maize will increase  the net profit by € 226 per hectare. This is because the extra fixed nitrogen and organic matter in the soil will ensure higher yields of the subsequent crop. This has been concluded by a study from Wageningen University.

Absorption of nitrogen after half August

Maize  develops usually until  half August. After that date it no longer absorbs nitrogen from the soil.  Exactly in this period a lot of mineralisation takes place in the soil, resulting in the leaching of large amounts of nitrogen. By the time that the maize starts to mature, Proterra Maize has already evolved to a stage in which it absorbs minerals.



And after the maize has been harvested, Proterra Maize will have all the  space it needs to grow large volumes of roots and organic matter within a short period. An added advantage is that if the maize harvest is late, there  won’t be any risk of being unable to sow a green manure crop after that, because the Proterra Maize is already there.


Weed control

AgroResearch International BV, the Gent University in Belgium and the Agricultural Knowledge Center in Denmark have carried out extensive weed-control tests in Proterra Maize. At Barenbrug’s website you will find a table showing all the herbicide mixtures that are recommended for use in maize undersown with Proterra Maize.

Proterra Maize

Provides a well-established green manure crop after maize harvest. It contain specially selected grasses. Suitable all over Europe on all soil types. The sowing rate is: 15-20 kg/ha.

Proterra Maize