Low Maintenance!

Low Maintenance

The most sustainable solution for your lawn

  • Very environmentally friendly mixture.
  • 30% less mowing guaranteed.
  • Low fertilizer levels required.
  • Labour and money saving.
  • Green Earth label - for sustainable maintenance
  • Lawns
  • Landscaping
  • Roadsides
  • Airports

Sustainable and economical

Low Maintenance is the perfect example of a sustainable and economical grass seed mixture. It makes very economical use of the resources it needs to produce an attractive lawn without in any way sacrificing quality. This characteristic earned Low Maintenance the Green Earth quality label.

Low maintenance costs
Low Maintenance’s economical use of resources also implies substantial savings in maintenance costs. The outcome is a beautiful lawn requiring very little upkeep.

Fewer mowing sessions, less clippings
Once it has established, Low Maintenance grows very slowly. The great advantage of this is that it has to be mown less often, implying considerable reductions in the volumes of clippings. And this "fewer mowing sessions, less clippings" characteristic also helps to greatly reduce maintenance costs.

Lower fertiliser requirement
Low Maintenance has a low fertiliser requirement, implying a lower burden on the environment and, once again, lower maintenance costs.

Suitable for public green spaces

Low Maintenance is an excellent choice in our day and age, in which municipal authorities aim to ensure sustainable purchasing. It makes sustainable, economical use of resources, minimising both maintenance costs and the burden on the environment.



Green Earth label - for sustainable maintenance

Barenbrug’s aim, besides being a pioneer in improving grasses, is for its developments to contribute towards a Green Earth on which future generations will also be able to enjoy sports and other forms of recreation. This is why the company introduced its Green Earth label, a quality mark that helps managers of public green spaces use and manage grass in a more sustainable way by making less use of water, fertilisers and pesticides and mowing the grass less often. 


For more information on Green Earth go to https://www.barenbrug.biz/greenearth 

Koeleria macrantha
Festuca rubra commutata
Poa pratensis
Sustainable maintenance
Sowing rate
2 - 2.5 kg/100m²
Mowing height
from 15 mm
15 kg
Speed of establishment
Nitrogen requirement
very low
Speed of growth
Suitable for ornamental value
Suitable for playing lawns
Suitable for sport lawns
Suitable for parks
Higher wear tolerance
Tolerant to drought
Fast establishment
Sun and shade
Fine leaved
Low maintanance
Erosion control
Requires less irrigation
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less pesticides
Requires less mowing
Landscape & Lawn

Turf grass plays an important part in our lives. It grows in our gardens and parks. It is not only its use in practice that is important, but also its esthetic and its ability to purify air and water. A carefully considered grass seed mixture will increase the pleasure you get from your ornamental...

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