More milk and healthier cows, with NutriFibre.

Feeding trial results from Denmark

It’s not the maximal digestibility or MJ NEL that leads to the highest milk production. The right combination of effective fibre and feed value is essential for healthy and productive cows. That was confirmed last year by the Knowledge Center for Agriculture (VLF)* who tested GreenSpirit NutriFibre against three other common Danish grass mixtures. 


Mixture compositionA large trial was conducted in 2014 at the Danish Livestock Research Centre (DKC) where 4 different grass mixtures from farms all over Denmark were evaluated by a group of 49 cows. Silage from these grass mixtures was collected at farms: GreenSpirit NutriFibre, Mixture 35, Mixture 42 and Mixture 45. During the whole trial period (84 days) the feed ration for all groups stayed the same, only the grass silage was changed.








Click hereThe average silage analysis (from three different farms) showed that GreenSpirit NutriFibre was relative high in Crude Protein, but lower in DOM and NEL (see table). The reason for this is because it contains soft-leaved tall fescue – a grass species which was especially developed for giving more effective fibre and slow digestible cell walls. This is necessary especially in feed rations with a high content of maize silage and concentrates.


The animal results showed that the cows had the highest dry matter intake from PMR with GreenSpirit NutriFibre and Mixture 35 (figures below). A reason for that could be that Mixture 42 and 45 contain red clover, which might lead to a lower intake. Also the milk production (ECM) from GreenSpirit Struktur was significantly higher compared to Mixture no.  42 and 45. This proves how important a high feed intake is for animal production. This can only be achieved if the cows have an optimal rumen health.

A clear difference between GreenSpirit NutriFibre and Mixture 35 was the milk fat content, which was higher with GreenSpirit NutriFibre. A low milk fat content can be an indicator for rumen acidosis. The right amount of effective fibre in grass silage is essential and thus has resulted in a better rumen health in this trial.


This trial shows how important the combination of effective fibre and feed value is in modern dairy feed rations. With high contents of maize and concentrates, the grass silage should not have the maximal digestibility and NEL. GreenSpirit NutriFibre has proven to give the highest intake and milk production, with an optimum rumen health. Happy cows, happy farmers!


The daily PMR-intake




The daily PMR-intake (kg DM/day) tended to be higher with NutriFibre and Mixture 35.








A higher energy corrected milk




A higher energy corrected milk (ECM) production with NutriFibre and Mixture 35.








Highest fat in milk




Highest fat in milk (%) with NutriFibre and Mixture 45.