NutriFibre yields remarkable results in European research

NutriFibre, the new type of grass is soft-leaved tall fescue, has yielded remarkable results in some European studies. Recent Danish research carried out by the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture (VLF) revealed the relation between grass silage and the milk production and health of cattle. The Chamber of Agriculture in Germany has studied the yields, feed value and sward quality of the most commonly used grass seed mixtures. NutriFibre was found to excel in both studies. 


The Danish study showed that it is not maximum digestibility, nor the highest feed value that leads to the highest milk production and healthy cattle, but the right combination of effective fibre and feed value. The institute studied the performance of various grass seed mixtures, one of which was our grass seed mixtures with NutriFibre.


German grass trials also revealed remarkable results obtained with soft-leaved tall fescue, a grass species that is relatively new to German farmers. This new type of grass (NutriFibre) greatly increases the yield potential of grassland, enabling reductions in the usage of protein and concentrates at farm level. Read more……