Resilient Blue® Muda - overseeding solution for permanently green bermuda turfgrass

Is the sight of brown, dormant bermuda turfgrass annoying you in winter? And you don't want to, or are unable, to make an annual transition to cool season grasses for winter greenness? Resilient Blue Muda is the answer! This unique award-winning grass technology helps you to create a permanent bermuda turf that is green all year round. Resilient Blue Muda can withstand the punches of extreme summer stress and fights back for winter greenness of your bermuda turf.

Resilient Blue® Muda

Resilient Blue Muda contains the award-winning Resilient Blue grass technology. This technology comprises grasses that excel in resilience. Specially developed resilient Kentucky bluegrass (resilient Poa pratensis) plants form the foundation of Resilient Blue grass technology.


Resilient Blue Muda is enhanced with Yellow Jacket Water Manager. This unique seed treatment ensures optimal moisture management around the seed. Grass seeds germinate successfully, and young, vulnerable plants develop, stress-free, into healthy and vital turf. Resilient Blue Muda creates a resilient foundation that ensures the turf is prepared for extremes in the future!


The main advantages:

  • permanently green Bermuda turfgrass all year round;
  • automatic seasonal transition without downtime;
  • excellent winter performance;
  • minimal irrigation required.

Resilience is the sum of tolerance and recovery

Permanently green bermuda turfgrass all year round

To keep your bermuda turfgrass green in winter, without an annual transition, you need cool season grasses that survive extreme summer conditions. Resilient Blue Muda has been created for that purpose. Only one application is needed for subsequent years of permanently green turfgrass.


Unlike normal Poa pratensis, Resilient Blue Muda maintains a ‘cool head’ under extreme summer conditions. In addition to this it tolerates a wide range of stress factors. By recovering at the right time, Resilient Blue Muda can fight back and achieve optimal grass coverage for outstanding winter performance.

This makes Resilient Blue Muda unique!

When developing Resilient Blue Muda, we sought the strongest plants with the highest levels of adaptability and resilience in summer. And our trials really don’t make it easy for our grass plants! We subject them to the most extreme conditions. After all these trials it’s safe to say: these grass plants are well-prepared to survive summer conditions to help the bermuda grass in winter!


Automatic seasonal transition without downtime

Resilient Blue Muda is the only solution for a permanently green bermuda lawn, pitch and golf course. Resilience not only means enduring extreme summer weather conditions, but above all ensuring quick recovery after summer stress for a smooth automatic seasonal transition.


Automatic seasonal transition

All cool season grasses suffer from extreme summer conditions. Resilient Blue Muda is unique. It has resilient tolerance to this kind of extremes, by going in a 'dormant' state. When the temperatures cool down, an automatic transition occurs. Resilient Blue Muda wakes up, fights back and recovers as fast as possible. Maintaining the flawless, green color of your bermuda turf.


No more seasonal transition maintenance

In normal seasonal transitions (from warm to cool season grasses) there is a downtime of several weeks during the fall to allow preparations for a winter solution. The winter solution is usually based on annual or perennial rye grass. This is a costly, single season solution which must be repeated annually.


In spring, the opposite transition needs to take place. Bermuda grass comes out of dormancy at temperatures above 15-17°C. The annual or perennial rye grass dies off or is helped to die off to create space for the bermuda grass. This is also a costly, but above all, time-consuming and labor-intensive process that must be repeated every year.


Banish seasonal transition maintenance to the past by applying Resilient Blue Muda just once. One application for permanent, year-round green pleasure!


Want to know more about Resilient Blue?

Prolonged drought and heat, high disease pressure and long-term low nutritional levels are all factors that can be fatal for your turf and cause you headaches! Do you want to avoid this? Then you can with Resilient Blue®!

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Resilience does not only mean enduring extreme weather conditions, but, above all, ensuring quick recovery after these conditions too.

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Good wear tolerance is a prerequisite for a resilient sports field. Resilient Blue® uses our strong as iron RPR® technology, which ensures good high wear tolerance.

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Extreme weather conditions often lead to stress and a high level of disease pressure. Resilient Blue®'s resilience ensures that your turf is less susceptible to attack by fungi and your turf not only remains greener; it is also healthier.

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