Strong turf with high ornamental value

  • Ideal for recreational areas and parks
  • High ornamental value thanks to fine-leaf grass
  • Fast recovery after damage to the sward
  • High disease tolerance
  • Lawns
  • Landscaping
  • Roadsides
  • Airports

Ideal for recreational areas and parks

Solide is characterised by a unique combination of wear tolerance and ornamental grass species, making the mixture ideal for both recreational areas and parks. It creates a strong, elegant lawn.

High ornamental value thanks to fine-leaf grass
The fine-leaf grass used in this mixture creates a very attractive lawn consisting of grass with a high ornamental value. 

Fast recovery after damage to the sward
Any damage to the sward will recover quickly thanks to the unique combination of grass species. So children can play happily on a Solide lawn without having to worry about damaging the sward. 

High disease tolerance
Being very resistant to common grass diseases, Solide grass will remain attractive with a much lower need for control products, implying a lower burden on the environment.

Lolium Perenne (fine leaved)
Poa pratensis
Festuca commutata
Festuca rubra litoralis
Sowing rate
2.5 - 3 kg/100m²
Mowing height
down to 15 mm
15 kg
Suitable for ornamental value
Suitable for playing lawns
Suitable for sport lawns
Suitable for parks
Higher wear tolerance
Tolerant to drought
Fast establishment
Sun and shade
Fine leaved
Low maintanance
Erosion control
Requires less irrigation
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less pesticides
Requires less mowing
Landscape & Lawn

Turf grass plays an important part in our lives. It grows in our gardens and parks. It is not only its use in practice that is important, but also its esthetic and its ability to purify air and water. A carefully considered grass seed mixture will increase the pleasure you get from your ornamental...

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