Speedy Green

Grass mixture for sports fields and other applications

  • Fast germination and fast establishment
  • Suitable for restoring sports fields, parks and intensively used areas
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • New seeding
  • Overseeding

Fast germination and fast establishment

As befits a grass seed mixture specifically intended for overseeding, Speedy Green germinates and establishes quickly, restoring your sward to its former splendour in less than no time. In the summer months, Speedy Green is the ideal mixture for turning a turf full of bare patches into a strong, attractive sward.

Suitable for restoring sports fields, parks and intensively used areas
Speedy Green is ideal for sports fields, but can also be used in parks and other intensively used areas. Many managers of public green spaces now swear by Speedy Green when they face the task of quickly creating an attractive sward in the summer months.

Excellent wear tolerance
Overseeding with Speedy Green results in a sward with an excellent wear tolerance, making bare patches disappear while also preventing the risk of them reappearing quickly.

Lolium perenne
Speed of establishment
very fast
Nitrogen requirement
Speed of growth
Sowing rate
1.5-2.5 kg/100m²
Mowing height
from 20 mm
15 kg
Fast establishment
Self repairing
High wear tolerance
High drought tolerance
Germination low temperatures 6°C
Requires less irrigation
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less pesticide

Based on many years of accumulated knowledge and experience, Barenbrug offers products for a wide range of applications. And we have the references to prove it. Barenbrug turf grasses are used in international leagues and prestigious events like the UEFA European Championship, the football World Cup...

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